What exactly is Abortion Pill Reversal?

By Wanda Crosby, R.N., C.C.E, VP of Medical Services So what exactly is APR (Abortion Pill Reversal)? When a woman takes the abortion reversal pill, it involves large doses of progesterone to reverse the effects of an abortion pill. When can it be taken? The abortion pill reversal is most effective when used within 24 […]

My Life-Threatening Journey of Loss

“Had we waited another hour, I likely would have bled to death internally.” How can a person miss something she never wanted in the first place? In my case, the something was a baby who died. I was 19 years old and an upcoming junior in college. My baby would be 18 years old this […]


We’re Going to be Fine

Picture it..Southwest Virginia…2004. I was a 27 year old married mom of two; a boy and a girl—my perfect little family. We had a brick house, two children, a minivan and a cocker spaniel. We had moved back to my hometown just a year prior. My husband had a good job—good pay and good benefits […]

lynns story

Abortion: A True Story

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin with an older brother and my parents. For the most part, my family was pretty normal and I grew up being taught moral value and responsibility. We ate dinner together as a family every night and had good relationships with each other. But, by the age […]

Doctor and patient

Choosing the Right Provider

Pregnancy is a major life event, one filled with excitement and anticipation, as well as the unknown. If you are expecting a baby, there are many decisions. You’ll want to rely on your health care provider to guide you, but choosing the right care can be confusing. Here are some great questions to ask before […]