Are You Stuck?

Ask yourself these questions…

1. Have the effects of abortion changed you as a person? What were you like before your abortion? How are you different now?

2. If your sister or best friend were thinking about having an abortion, what would you tell her about an abortion and the after effects?

3. At the time of your abortion, did you believe abortion was right or wrong?

4. Check the following after abortion effects that have bothered you since your abortion:

  • I struggle with eating disorders.
  • I find myself in abusive relationships.
  • I’m having increased unprotected sexual activity.
  • I’m using drugs and/or alcohol to distract myself from my pain.
  • I often feel so sad that I can’t handle my responsibilities.
  • I often think about hurting myself.
  • I keep having the same nightmare over and over.

5. Do you shut down or feel numb when you ’re in a highly emotional situation?

6. Do you experience explosive emotions?

7. Has your relationship with God been affected since your abortion? If yes, in what way?

8. Have your relationships with men been affected? If yes, in what way?

9. Do you feel you must hide your abortion or your feelings about it?

10. Do you avoid people or situations that remind you of your abortion?

11. Did someone pressure you into having the abortion? If yes, how did the abortion affect your relationship like with that person now?

12. Do you feel like you’re all alone with the emotional pain you are feeling?

13. Are you interested in a support group for women who’ve had abortions to work through some of these problems?

What did this quiz reveal to you?  If you’d like to talk to someone about your answers to this quiz, ComfortCare is here for you.

ComfortCare provides H.E.A.R.T.  (Healing Emotions and Renewing the Heart).  This abortion recovery and support group is for women struggling with a past abortion decision.  This group is strictly confidential.  All sessions are complimentary.

Questions Provided By: Sometimes a Band-Aid Just Won’t Do, ©2000, Frontlines Publishing, Grand Rapids, MI