Thinking about abortion?

Whether you’re talking about a pill or a procedure. Ask yourself:

1. Are you really pregnant and how far along are you?
A home pregnancy test doesn’t confirm you’re pregnant. Only a doctor can do that. At ComfortCare, our medical professionals will provide a free pregnancy confirmation.We’ll tell you if you’re pregnant and how far along you are.

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2. What type of abortion are you seeking?
While we don’t do abortions or abortion referrals, we know there are different types of abortion, ranging in price from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand.  You can do a quick internet search and find plenty of resources for information. At ComfortCare, our advocates and nurses give you personal time. We explain the different types of abortion, give you an opportunity to ask questions, and provide factual and medically accurate resources so you can make the best choice for you. 

3. Have you been tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in the last month?
If you have an untreated STI and then have an abortion, you may be putting yourself at risk for complications. STIs should be treated before any pregnancy decision is made. Our medical professionals provide free, limited STI testing.

4. Do you know all your pregnancy options?
We don’t mean do you just know all your options. We mean have you really weighed each option? Are you educated on how abortion, parenting, or adoption might affect you?

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So many women make quick pregnancy decisions because of fear and pressure. We exist because we believe women should feel educated, prepared, and assured in their pregnancy decision. Our nurses and advocates are prepared to discuss any option, give you medically accurate facts, and support you as a woman.