stop right there

Stop Right There.

I was recently reading an article that was filled with ranting and raving about being a millennial and how terrible it is. This person devoted a good 600 words to bashing our generation, saying that we’re unintelligent, selfie-taking, participation award-receiving brats who do nothing but wait for good things to happen and quit our jobs.

At first, I was miffed and a little disturbed by the article, especially because of the hostile (and annoying) approach by its author. But then I began to worry. Maybe it was the little things in the article that felt a little too close to home, or it could have been the fact that spell check no longer asks you to review the word “selfie.” But whatever the case, I thought, “Is that me?” Am I in denial of the things that apparently are scaring the employers? Is it true that we’ve accomplished little to nothing for and in the world around us? Was the fact that I felt a need to write something about this just another millennial trait?

Stop right there.

Before I got to the stage of needing to breathe into a paper bag or sniff some peppermint oil (*wink*), an interesting thought passed through my brain. Maybe it’s time we stop analyzing our generation so much and just analyze ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether we have the mark of a millennial. Every generation has its drawbacks. It’s called being humans in a broken world. There are people making a difference on the side of good in our world today! I’ve had the great privilege of knowing many of them. No, we may not truly be able to be “anything” we want to be, and we shouldn’t. We can’t all be ninjas, ballerinas, and pop singers. But we can decide how we live our lives. We can decide what our character will be and how we treat people.

So what if you’re a twenty-something who uses Spotify and takes the time to snap the perfect picture of your Lavender Latte? Yes, there are plenty of issues produced by our generation that I’m galaxies away from being proud of, or even ok with. But let’s not get caught up in how we are branded. Instead, let’s start living our lives in a purposeful, intentional way. Let’s use our strengths to help others, build integrity, and make a difference. No, we’re not always going to win, or be recognized as special. But that’s life, and we need to embrace it. We’re the generation running the world right now. #millennial #ownit


Alia Clements
Alia Clements

Director of Advancement
ComfortCare Women’s Health

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