build a better dad part 1


Part 1 in a 2-part series

Building blocks. They seem to be an essential toy for our children. Children love to stack them to form towers and forts. The problem is unless the blocks can be linked together, they can only stack so high before the blocks come crashing down.

Sometimes dads feel the blocks are stacked against them and could fall at any moment. You may be parenting your children with a dad who isn’t sure he can do the “daddy thing.” Maybe he has never had a good example of a father, or maybe he didn’t expect to be a dad so soon. You have the power to strengthen him by linking together to form a stable and sturdy family.

It all lies in how you link the B-L-O-C-Ks.

B – Believe in him. Dad needs to know you believe he can be a good father. Take time to say words that build him up. “Thank you” and “I’m proud of you” are powerful words!

L – Let him try. Yes, we all know you are awesome! Dad can be awesome, too! Let him participate in every area of his child’s life. He may not do things exactly like you, but the most important thing is your child gets to form a close bond with Dad.

O – Opportunity. Let’s face it, we sometimes nag or get angry if Dad doesn’t follow through. You may want to retreat and block dad out. Resist the urge and build a bridge. Invite him to participate in the daily activities of raising your child. Men don’t read minds. You have to tell him things you would like to see.

C – Connection. This is the goal! You want to be a strong family that is connected and not easily broken. Make time for each other. Dream together. Eat together. Play together.

K – Know his limits. He is not Superman. There will be things he can’t do. That’s okay! Moms have limits, too. This doesn’t disqualify him as a good dad. Respect each other’s limits and encourage one another by helping out.

These simple acts can create an atmosphere where Dad feels empowered to parent, and you get the support needed to build a strong family unit.

-Sherry Farley, guest blogger


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