Parenting is a challenging job even if you’re planning on having a child. If your pregnancy is unexpected, you may feel nervous and unprepared.

First, do you know if you’re really pregnant? Our medical professionals will  provide a free pregnancy confirmation and answer any parenting questions you have such as,

  • How will being a parent affect time for me?Questions about parenting and unplanned pregnancy
  • Are there any agencies or programs that will help me financially?
  • I already have children. How can I handle another one?
  • What rights will the baby’s father have?
  • How do I tell my family I’m pregnant?

There is a lot of information out there, but at ComfortCare a knowledgeable person listens to your specific situation and answers your questions. It’s personal. It’s factual. It’s about you and your needs.


We can even schedule a time for you to speak with a woman who decided to parent her child even though her pregnancy was unplanned. Let us know if you’d like this opportunity.