Morning-After Pill

Was she really pregnant? She wanted to knowIf you had unprotected sex or had a contraceptive method fail, (for instance, the condom broke), you may be considering the morning-after pill.

We know there’s a lot of information out there about the morning-after pill, some good and some bad. It can be confusing.

At ComfortCare, we provide a private and personal nurse’s consultation where you can ask any questions. We’ll give you factual and medically accurate resources about the morning-after pill so you can make the best choice for you.

Finally, since the morning-after pill isn’t intended to use if you’re already pregnant, we’ll provide you with free pregnancy testing.

At ComfortCare, we don’t dispense or refer for the morning-after pill. Simply put, we don’t make money from your decision either way. We just believe in supporting you during this difficult time.

We know time is critical in this situation, so please tell let us know that you need information on the morning-after pill. We will do everything we can to see you that same day.

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