Clinic Appointment

Doctor and patientHere’s what to expect during a typical visit for pregnancy confirmation:



Clinic Appointment without ultrasound- about 1 hour
Clinic Appointment with ultrasound- about 1.5 hours

Report your history
You will be asked to fill out an intake form about you and your history.  These forms will cover topics such as your demographic information and your pregnancy history.

2. Collect the Urine Specimen
You will be asked to go to a private bathroom and collect a small amount of urine in a collection cup.

3. Speak with a Peer Advocate
This session with your peer advocate (PA) is your time. You’re free to talk about any topic you desire. Nothing is off limits for you to mention. Your PA will ask you some questions to understand more about your situation and see if there are more ways ComfortCare can serve you. After you and your PA discuss your situation privately, you may want to bring your boyfriend, family member, or friend into the room. This is encouraged but completely up to you.

4. Nurse’s Consultation
A nurse will report the result of your pregnancy test. She will make herself available for your questions or if you’d just like to discuss your situation further from a medical standpoint. You will also be able to receive written, medical confirmation of your pregnancy from your nurse.

5. Ultrasound
Depending on the Nurse’s assessment, you may be eligible for an ultrasound. This is not a diagnostic ultrasound but a limited OB ultrasound that will confirm that the embryo is implanted in the uterus, the embryo has a heartbeat, and the gestational age of the embryo. These facts are essential regardless of your pregnancy decision.

6. Exit Interview
You will be asked to fill out a short survey about your experience and indicate if you desire follow-up by your Peer Advocate and Nurse.