Help Me, I’m confused, what are the risks of birth control pills? It’s so easy to be confused about birth control pills with all of the conflicting information out there. Are they safe? Are they effective? Will I gain weight? I understand. There’s a lot to consider. First, and foremost, birth control pills aren’t 100% […]

Our first date felt like fireworks. Like all excitement and goodness in the world settled in my heart and had a party. Like Christmas day was eating chocolate pie while riding a roller coaster. It was that type of good. I knew he was the one. Seventeen years, three kids, and a hefty mortgage payment […]

Pregnancy is a major life event, one filled with excitement and anticipation, as well as the unknown. If you are expecting a baby, there are many decisions. You’ll want to rely on your health care provider to guide you, but choosing the right care can be confusing. Here are some great questions to ask before […]