Who really wants to talk about cervical health? None of us really want to address this uncomfortable topic, but it is estimated that 12,000 women in the U.S. get cervical cancer every year. With those staggering statistics, it is up to us to seek the education necessary to help us make lifelong, healthy decisions. Knowledge […]

“Had we waited another hour, I likely would have bled to death internally.” How can a person miss something she never wanted in the first place? In my case, the something was a baby who died. I was 19 years old and an upcoming junior in college. My baby would be 18 years old this […]

I was recently reading an article that was filled with ranting and raving about being a millennial and how terrible it is. This person devoted a good 600 words to bashing our generation, saying that we’re unintelligent, selfie-taking, participation award-receiving brats who do nothing but wait for good things to happen and quit our jobs. […]