Getting tested for STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) is critical if you’re sexually active, if you’ve been with more than one sexual partner in your lifetime, or if your sexual partner has been with more other people. STI’s usually have no symptoms, but can develop into a myriad of problems: sterility/infertility, HPV, HIV/AIDS, or death.1  This […]

So, there is a lot of talk these days about the morning after pill, emergency contraception pill or Plan B.  Before you think about popping that pill, you owe it to yourself to know the facts. What is the morning after pill? It is a one dose pill that is taken within 72 hours of […]

She quickly scans her calendar trying to add in her head. Yes, it’s late. More than 3 weeks late. Her heart begins to beat faster. Everything starts adding up. The tender breasts. The crampy feeling. She closes her eyes and prays she’s not pregnant. For this woman and hundreds of others, pregnancy confirmation is no […]