In our society, marriage seems to be phasing out about as fast as the latest iphone. No sooner do we understand how to work the thing, and there’s some new model taking its place. Similarly, the marriage rate in America has hit an all-time low, becoming strangely out of style. But are we really making […]

Breaking down the Virginia Abortion Consent Law…  the Costs, the Requirements, and your Rights If you’re considering an abortion in Virginia, it’s important to understand the consent law that surrounds this procedure. Do I have to have an ultrasound before an abortion? Yes, you do.   The law states most women will need to have an […]

  The One Decision That Causes Totally Different Pregnancy Outcomes Education is power. That’s not just a catchy phrase with empty meaning. Arming yourself with education means everything when contemplating a difficult pregnancy decision. The more information you have, the better you see your choices. The more facts you learn, the more you’re in control […]