The Situation that Makes You Press Fast-Forward when You Need to Press Pause Press pause. It’s counterintuitive when it feels the world is crashing down. Our instinct is to push fast-forward, make this go away, hurry up and get past the crisis. But there’s wisdom in taking a breath, pausing to get education, and accessing […]

It’s not exactly a topic you want to have on your Google search history. You know what I mean? “Gonorrhea.” Sexually transmitted infections carry a certain stigma that makes us uncomfortable. But, this stigma shouldn’t keep us from knowing about them. Knowing about them is exactly what we should be doing. Education is power. Here’s […]

There is no nice way to say it… the “Baby Blues” really stink! But, here are some ways I’ve found to survive them. 1. Co-sleeper to the rescue! If you haven’t seen a co-sleeper, it is a small bassinet that hooks right on the side of a bed. That way, anytime I need encouragement, I […]